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Coastal Colors Wildwood is a new oceanfront community of homes located in Wildwood Crest, N.J. There are single family homes and condos. Located in the middle of the community is a beautiful oval pool. Wildwood has the best beaches at the Jersey Shore. Wildwood, N.J. is 5 minutes from Historic Victorian Cape May and is the home of it's famous boardwalk with 3 piers of rides and arcades. See pics & read more about Coastal Colors.

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The owner of Coastal Colors Vacation Rentals website has been extremely successful at getting their Seapointe Village condo in Wildwood, N.J. rented through the website and aims to help Coastal Colors folks do the same.
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Attention Homeowners:Renters have contacted our Wildwood Rental website looking for more listings for Coastal Colors here: . They have also contacted us through the website for more rentals in Seapointe Village. List your home for rent for a Coastal Colors rental for only $89/year!! Get fully booked even if you use a realtor (but why not do it yourself and save tons of commission!)

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